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The Heart Link Method – Discover Living Life At Ease

Most people feel stressed and overwhelmed, several times a day. It doesn't have to be that way! Using the Heart Link Method - a combination of meditation and energy flow techniques - you can learn how to use your heart's power and intelligence to live your life at ease with yourself and others. A simple fundamental shift can help to make each task you face a whole lot easier. These are the benefits you can expect:


  • Focus: Instead of chasing your tail, you will be more focused and better able to master your daily tasks, professionally and privately.
  • Calm: Enjoy a sense of calm even when faced with a heavy workload or serious issues.
  • Improved Relationship: The Heart Link Method focuses on improving your relationship with yourself, others, nature, and God/the universe.
  • Ability to rise above pressure: Even though you will still find yourself in pressured situations, the Heart Link Techniques will enable you to cope better.


Sign Up for a Free One-Week Trial Now

By clicking on the following link, you can sign up for a one-week free trial. If you commit time to learn and practice the heart link method, benefits can begin to flow in within a few days.

Coaching Options

Daily Coaching Support

This coaching package includes daily contact and continuous support. After introducing you to the Heart Link Method, I will help you to establish a daily meditation and energy flow optimization routine geared toward helping you to live life at ease. This package is available at $40/week.

Weekly Coaching Audio Call

If you would like to fast-track your progress and reach your goal of living life at ease more quickly, schedule a 30-minute audio call with me. During the call, I will tailor the Heart Link Method teaching to your specific needs. As a result, you will master meditation and energy flow techniques at a faster pace.

Calls are scheduled weekly at a cost of $75 (discounts for multiple calls are available).

Coaching & Energy Therapy Combo

If you would like to avail of both Heart Link Method Coaching and Integrated Energy Therapy treatments, you can sign up for the Combo package. This package includes daily coaching prompts and a weekly distance IET treatment, available at $100/week.

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