Poem About Abundance

Abundance is not just about money. This is my poem about abundance.

Seeking abundance already obtained, standing in a shower of warm raindrops. Perhaps unable to see each drop, to feel it on the skin.

To comprehend how each drop delivers abundance unimaginable.

Leaving you drenched to the skin.

And as your face looks up to the sky, another wave of abundant raindrops meeting your face and body

With a gentle warmth threatening to wash you away.

But you don’t mind because you now know about abundance.

Remembering the countless words in countless questions and answers

Drenching you with more abundance.


And as you breathe, the raindrops and words, the glances and touches come together

To create wealth never grasped before.


Now that the raindrops have reached your every fibre

Abundance has finally swept you off your feet.

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