Angel Poems – Forage for Love to Escape Sadness

When sadness descends, sometimes all you can do is ask for help. This is one of my angel poems, Forage for Love.

“Forage for Love”, the Little Angel Said – an Angel Poem

"Forage for Love", the little Angel said
perched upon my teapot, tears dripping

"You can find Love in the strangest places," the little Angel said
flapping delicate wings, making blue-green waves of light.

"Forage for Love", the little Angel said
casting shadows asunder, beaming orange and purple

Forage for Love", the little Angel said,
"I tell you WHERE and HOW right now

At the supermarket
at a friend's
out on the dirty street
at work
at play
in the forest
by the ocean
on top of a mountain
at the bottom of the deep blue sea
on top of the white fluffy cloud

Forage for Love", the little Angel said, 
wiping kitchen paper across my salty face.

"Forage for Love

in your heart
in mine
in hers
in his

Take a willow basket
lace up heavy boots
bring a bright torch
enter the forest and
forage for Love

You will find hearts hanging from trees
sparkles of kindness washing the tears and 
icy silence away

Hurry up 
go forage for Love"

The little Angel vanished
leaving nothing behind 
but a sweet scent
and a trail of twinkles
Angel Poem – Leaving a Trail of Sparkles Behind

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