Angst Poem – Shunned Girl, Dodged Boy

Shunned Girl, Dodged Boy is a love poem and an angst poem, depicting the vulnerabilities and struggles of anyone who feels they don’t fit in.

Shunned Girl, Dodged Boy – Angst Poem

Crooked teeth / no money for dental fancy work, Mum said /
freckled skin and a scrawny, lanky body, crowned with a
wordless voice and ugly thoughts.

Thick glasses / classic Gucci, Dad's design préféré / bitten
fingernails much to mom's chagrin / garnished with four
tentacles mimicking limbs.

Her and Him
No one to talk to, too much to say, all-around shunned,
social cranks dodging chatter with popular peeps, forever
ducking the radar.

spends time alone sketching flowers and knives.

spends time alone sifting through books about love and war.

meet bellow the big oak tree to plot ricochet fire and
end up making out instead.

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