Anxiety Poems – Beyond Mount Everest

Beyond Mount Everest is one of my anxiety poems, reflecting on how enormous a task getting through an ordinary day can be if you’re suffering from anxiety.

Beyond Mount Everest

This morning, I climbed Mount Everest, before drowning in a sea of outfit-colours / sweating. Over breakfast, I fought the pounding. Amongst wolves on the tube, I choked at the thought of having to stand naked facing workmates who’d want to pull my teeth out, one by one. Unable to account for myself, I’d be wrestling a pack of alligators. All this before coffee break.

The only refugee / playing chess against the computer and losing / again. My lunchtime den.

In the afternoon, numerous grillings, orders, behests for warm smiles and wit I could not produce, sweaty-palmed and nauseous / the ticking clock my bestie. 

A hint of joy tinted my breath when soft skies ruled overtime redundant. Back among wolves, I was a little less scared. How was your day, honey? she enquired while making me tea. Just great, thank you. They loved my presentation. 

My evening bestie – practising primal screams mid-ocean while trying to catch a good wave. 

Anxiety Poems – Beyond Mount Everest

This Solfeggio frequency helps me to feel more at ease.

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