Authenticity Poem – The Cat

The Cat is an authenticity poem about finding the courage to be.

The Cat – Authenticity Poem

Every day, the cat in my bag grows fatter
its claws unhinging the zipper
its slider stuck and rusting from
the cat's spit and piss and all
I can do, is
tighten the clasps of my arms
camouflage the red lines on my skin
and bundle it in and off.

Petra's scissors are still
on the kitchen table
beside Mum's penknife
and the cat's treat and trough
this is a kitty, we're talking about
they keep saying but
let out, this fat cat
will splat me.

Last night in my sleep,
I sat with 80'000 people
in a football stadium
everyone glided the
slider down the teeth
toward the bottom stop
80'000 cats
out of the bag.

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