Autumn Poetry – The Palm Reader

The Palm Reader is my contribution to autumn poetry, a picture of life lines, fingerprints, and the turnings tides of life.


The Palm Reader – Autumn Poetry

I’m rustling leaves between my fingers
the crumbling is leaf-dust sponging up
sweat pearls otherwise lost but
now tumbling into the palms of my hands,
my life line is stumbling, my love line’s a string
of mumblings and fumblings.

Frowning, the palm reader sketched me
a dead tree in the sea and birds
flying free above the water
now crowning my head with fish tales,
my head line is clowing, my pages, leaves
of drownings and downings.

I’m sieving flour in my kitchen,
the living is bran-bits bulking up
sprouts and grain otherwise dead but
now giving into the yeast and sugar,
my heart line is reliving, my palm prints a ring
of misgivings and forgivings.

Weighing, the scales are playing me
a tale of a snail and a whale
trailing free upon the earth
now laying us down to stay
our wind chimes are praying, our skins a map
of frayings and swayings.

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