Calming Poem – Unravelled

Unravelled is a calming poem, a celebration of love, friendships and trust, an expression of gratitude for everything and everybody.

Unravelled – Calming Poem

With Love

you unravel my web,
knot by knot,
binding wayward thread and
braiding frayed twigs
with trunks and soil,
just when the moon presses
the tulips to fatten the fields,
yellow and red, greening stalks towering
above my chest, their petals
now brushing past my eyelids.
With stillness

you paint my room,
brick by brick,
cooling crimson walls and
hemming stray cats
with cradling winds and thirsty leaves,
just when the glimmer presses
the flames to flare up once more,
warm and bright, blue tongues toppling
the black around me, their smoke
now filling my holes.
With summer

you clad my meadows
flower by flower
dredging dead ends and
watering dry ground
with ebbing gravel and flooding grain
just when the rain presses
the clouds to sleep once more or rise,
sound and light, their cotton
now balancing my tune
with you.

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