Collaboration & Communication – Poem About Pain

When you’re feeling low, reaching out to someone is crucial. You may not feel like doing it, but it always helps. Don’t ever think you have to explain yourself. If you talk to someone who cares about you, they’ll just take you as you are. This is my poem about pain and how to deal with it. 

Talking helps.
Listening helps.
Laughing helps.
Running helps.
Hugging helps.
Communicating helps.
Working together helps.
Accepting helps.
Sleeping helps.
Running helps.
Gardening helps.
Eating helps.
Kissing helps.
Doing stuff together helps.
Arguing helps.
Respecting helps.
Helping helps.
Praying helps.
Knitting helps.
Playing games helps.
Doing crossword puzzles helps.
Cleaning helps.
Lying in the sun helps.
Dancing helps.
Going places helps.

Doing stuff helps.
Doing stuff together helps even more.

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