Define Gladness

Define gladness! While gratitude brings to mind all that is good in your life, gladness reminds you of all the crap you’ve been able to leave behind. At the same time, the two converge, like when you’re grateful and glad that someone exists. Together, both emotions hatch happiness.

Gratitude and gladness

Items ticked off the list, I was glad.
Tragedies survived, I was glad.
The end of the tunnel in sight, I was glad.
Others relied upon, I was glad.

Gladness, like a warmth welling up from inside my bones,
slowly seeping through to flesh and skin,
reached my every fibre from the pit of my stomach,
right up to my brain.

Relief gave way to gladness, and gladness surrendered to lightness and joy,
sowing the seeds of happiness.

Gratitude, like a light illuminating my thoughts,
quickly swishing away dark clouds,
clarified all that was good,
with me, with you, with life.

Gladness and gratitude combined, brought forth the good that had been there all along. Must spend time resting in them.

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