Do Not Despair

If I tell you, do not despair, you may not want to know. But darkness gives way to light. The passing of time and the power of love will see you through.

Do Not Despair

In the depths of despair, hope seems but an illusion.

Having sucked you dry of strength and light,

despair rises and engulfs like a dark cloud.

Hopeless and tired, nothing retains any meaning.

Though darkness covers the earth,

your soul maintains its perfect shape and form,

shining an invisible light.

Gather the last ounce of your power,

go find your perfect soul.

Help it to rise, and revolt.

Strengthened by your resolve,

it will dispel the despair,

hasten the time,

until at last, you’ve moved beyond despair.

Extend your arms and reach for someone you love.

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