Family Life Poem – Ferrari

Ferrari is a family life poem, a celebration of parenthood and a reflection on the passing of time and its fast pace.

Ferrari – Family Life Poem

Our kids drive like a Ferrari, south-bound on
the motorway, windows open, hair tossed
against our cheeks. Between the tyres and
the asphalt, sparks fly skyward. On dirt

tracks, the Ferrari’s suspension churns
dust sprinkles between the tyres and the
dirt. That day, late afternoon, the Ferrari
pits at a rundown service station in front of

the fading orange sky. The kids gulp
ice-cold water and munch ham and cheese
sandwiches, the Ferrari sucks petrol. We
take pictures and ask the nice old lady to

take a photo of us and the Ferrari,
soon-to-be speeding south-bound down the
motorway, sparks flying between the tyres
and the asphalt, sky-bound.

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