Food Poem – Life’s A Feast

Life’s a Feast is a food poem, imagining life as a dish with many, many ingredients and flavours, some edible, some nauseating.

Life’s a Feast – Food Poem

Sometimes I swallow dry air, my gums / an arid field 
ploughed, ploughed and weeded,
rich harvest upon potato blight and ice
home to a fox and a mouse who
quarrel, quarrel and love,
pitch kisses upon filterless fights and spice.

Sometimes, I gulp sweet wine, my belly / a purring cat
spoiled, spoiled and caressed,
plump tunes upon rhythms so slight and nice
home to a crow and a rat who
chatter, chatter and probe,
pump trump cards upon bluffs and vice.

Sometimes, I suck grainy salt, my skin / a frozen lake
skated, skated and polished,
itchy scrapes upon rippleless flights and paradise
home to a cat and a dog who
bargain, bargain and love,
fling strokes upon meatballs and sacrifice.

Sometimes, I savour hot milk, my bones a towering tree
pushed, pushed and gladdened,
strict pruning upon green foliage,
home to a bird and a bee who
scale and swarm and love,
swallow thick syrup upon clear water and life in a slice.

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