Freedom Poem – Trashcan Forensics

Trashcan Forensics is a freedom poem, a shame poem for anyone who’s sick of pretending they’re something they’re not.

Trashcan Forensics

The dog didn't realise
he was writing the neighbourhood headlines
when tearing the bin to shreds
and exhibiting its filthy content across the perfect lawn

The forensic team found

too many empty beer cans that should have been recycled
a torn white shirt with lipstick marks on the collar
several empty painkiller boxes
tissues, tissues, and more tissues
a prayer book
some bearly touched dinners
a razor blade and mirror
several empty boxes of mouthwash
three self-help books

Could you please clean up your trash
It does bring down the neighbourhood,

she said to the man standing in the doorway

I'll have my gardener do it
he replied surveying the exhibits 
with an odd sense of relief

For months, the headlines echoed
the whispers rippled across lips.

Every day after the show
the dog got a fillet steak 
a treat for blowing the cover to pieces

Life's been easy since

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