Funny Words of Encouragement

We take ourselves far too seriously, get bogged down by trivialities only to discover down the line that the issue didn’t matter all that much after all. So, what’s the point in taking everything to heart and worrying constantly about stuff you cannot control anyway? After all, shit happens, most of it not all that serious. And when a really painful experience does hit you, you’ll find yourself throwing precisely those trivialities overboard. Then, only the truly important stuff matters, like the quality of your relationships.

Taking a Different Approach – Funny Words of Encouragement and Letting Humour Rule Your Thoughts

No point crying over spilt milk, you’re better off getting your cat to lick it off the floor. That way, you’ll save yourself the time and trouble to clean up the mess. What’s more, your cat will love you for it.

Let’s say your career goes belly up because you didn’t do a good job. Think of the person who’ll fill your shoes. Not only will that person get your salary and stability, she/he will also get the stress and hassle. Not that you’d wish bad upon your successor…. Still, you’re entering a whole new phase, packed with new people and opportunities.
Let’s say your out of cash and no one will lend you any money. You struggle to pay your bills, so stress levels go through the roof. Now, you can either descend into despair or face the facts and seek help. Many have done it before and come out the other side. In fact, help is available if you want it. All it takes is a bit of realism and honesty, along with the ability to take a “black humour approach” to your troubles. If you’ve still got your wits about you and are not too proud or ashamed to seek help, you can turn things around.

The Trouble with Shame and Pride

Because we take everything so seriously, feel ashamed over failure or are too proud to ask for help, we get stuck in bad situations. So, rather than sliding into shame and false pride, remember that everyone fails sometimes, even if you try your hardest not too.

It’s like the little toddler who keeps falling when learning to walk. She bangs her head a million times, he topples over a trillion times.

It’s Almost Never Too Late

Unless you’ve burnt all your bridges or left it too late to seek help, it’s possible to change things around. In most instances, you can repair situations or relationships, just don’t put it off for too long.

So, don’t cry over spilt milk, leave it to the cat and pour yourself another. And if you’ve run out of milk, ask a neighbour or have a nice chat with the grocer at your local store.

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