Gaps and Holes

Gaps and Holes – a poem about life, explores the value of imperfections, while discussing how cracks can herald new beginnings.

Though water was seeping through the crack in the wall,

He didn’t want to take a look,

afraid of bad news, more than likely.

Instead, he chose an iron stare.

Even contemplating a quick glance at the hole

sent panic through his veins.

Terrified, he was, in fact.

Petrified that he’d find himself

defenseless and naked

in the face of the crack.


So, he didn’t go there,

not today, not yesterday

nor would he do so tomorrow.

That’s why his socks were always wet,

though he was used to it by now.

He did get a lot of colds all the same.


And so he remained,

wet socks, the skin peeling off his toes.


Until the day, while he was sitting in his chair reading

a flicker of light emerged from the very same crack in the wall

the one he had worked so hard to ignore.

Such was the brightness in that tiny flicker

flashing across his gaze,

that he was pulled toward the hole,

and sucked in.

Only to discover a lush, sunny meadow

at the far side of the wall.

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