Healing With Sound – The Solfeggio Frequencies

If you haven’t heard of the Solfeggio Frequencies, it’s high time you did! Think about it, the human body is much more sensitive than one might imagine. Whereas everyone knows about the health impact of food, touch, exercise, relationships, and lifestyle, not everyone may realise that sound can have a profound effect on the human body. Think of it this way, does music move you? Do you feel different depending on the type of music you listen too? Let’s look at some of the methods of healing with sound.

Obviously, uplifting music will uplift, heavy metal, perhaps invigorate, and romantic music seduces, but have you ever considered that the sound frequencies impact on the human energy system?


The Human Energy System

Energy healing techniques have made their way into the mainstream. From acupuncture to kinesiology, right through to Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy, thousands of people nowadays avail of energy healing treatments to improve their health. Regardless of whether you are a sceptic or not, the fact remains that the human energy field is real and measurable by scientific methods. The flow of energy through the human body contributes to our sense of well-being. At the same time, energy treatments work to remove what is known as energy blockages. In essence, if your energy field is clear, you feel well and healthy, but if the energy gets stuck, you may not feel well or may even begin to suffer from health issues.

Energy Healing

Acupuncturists apply needles to remove energy blockages, while Reiki practitioners, kinesiologists and others use their hands to unblock energy. In most instances, blockages free up over time, leaving the receiver of a treatment feeling better and stronger. But it’s not just needle or finger pressure that can free up energy blockages. Music and specific sound frequencies also positively impact on the human energy field.

Unsurprisingly, people have known the positive impact of sound for centuries, and the use of sound healing techniques is also making its ways into the mainstream.

While doing research on the use of sound for healing purposes, I came across the Solfeggio frequencies. Because they are so amazing,  I decided to introduce them to you.

The Solfeggio Frequencies

Music and sounds impact in many different ways. Sweet sounds and beautiful music transform and transport, while shrieking noise debilitates and hurts. A long time ago, in fact over 1000 years ago, Guido d’Arezzi, a Benedictine monk, developed the “Solfeggio Scale”. The basis of this 6-note scale was the hymn to St. John the Baptist, which had been written by Paulus Diaconus.
As the basis for Gregorian chants, the Solfeggio scale has long been famous for transforming performers and listeners, providing healing and spiritual bliss.

Solfeggio Frequencies Today

Fast-forward to the 1970’s. Dr. Joseph Puelo, an American herbalist, and doctor discovers six electromagnetic sound frequencies and realised that these frequencies are akin to the Solfeggio frequencies. Puelo and many others have since tried and tested the Solfeggio frequencies and rediscovered their impact on the human body, mind, and soul. Each of the frequencies ties in with one aspect of human existence, each breaking barriers and limitations and providing enlightenment and healing.

The Frequencies

The healing power of the Solfeggio scale was defined in more detail by the famous sound therapist, David Hulse, who pulled each frequency together with an aspect of human existence:

Do – 396 Hz – Grief turns into joy, fear and grief are released

Re – 417 Hz – Introducing positive change

Mi – 528 Hz – Miracle, DNA-transformation frequency

Fa – 639 Hz – Healing relationships

So -741 Hz – Expressing solutions and solving problems

La – 852 Hz – Reconnecting with the Divine

Sound therapists today use a further two frequencies, which touch on the following areas:

174 Hz – Associated with pain relief, zest for life and feeling safe

963 Hz – Returning to oneness and a state of perfection

By listening to these different frequencies, the human energy field experiences a change that some believe to be fundamental. It’s worth spending some time listening to the frequencies in quiet reflection, allowing the frequencies to have a full impact.

Click on the link to experience how the Solfeggio frequencies can break barriers and open possibilities.

solfeggio healing

The meditative and therapeutic effects of the Solfeggio frequencies can be significant. When listening to the different frequencies, the human energy system can be transformed and strengthened without the listener realising it.

Each frequency targets a specific aspect of your being, helping to unblock stagnant energy and enhance your sense of well-being. Setting time aside for a little tranquillity in the midst of our busy schedules is in itself a worthwhile exercise, and when using the Solfeggio frequencies, the benefits are multifold.

Using Specific Frequencies to Target Specific Issues

While the above sample track of the Solfeggio frequencies begins with the lowest frequencies and ends at the highest, staying for about 3 minutes on each, you can also find longer tracks for each frequency. I sometimes ponder my issues and end up selecting a specific frequency to listen to. So far, I’ve always had a sense of issues resolving or solutions appearing more easily after spending time listening to a specific frequency. Even if you end up feeling no different from before, at least you will have had a little rest. Take a look at the list of frequencies and find the one you need targeting. Thanks to YouTube, you’ll find a track with your chosen frequency within minutes.

Sound Therapy

You also have the option of visiting a sound therapist who will use a variety of sounds to re-balance your energy system. Most therapists use the Solfeggio frequencies, drumming, chanting, and carefully selected tracks during a sound therapy treatment. Your therapist can combine sounds and frequencies that best meet your personal needs.

The Human Body – Much More Sensitive Than You Think

No doubt, the human body is far more in tune and sensitive than we give it credit. In the midst of our high-tech world, we tend to forget that our human sensitivity remains intact and can enhance our lives considerably if we allow it to develop.

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