How to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Perhaps you’re forever trying to better yourself. Maybe you would just like to feel good about yourself. Or, you live your life thinking you’re not good enough. This has left you wondering how to clear your mind of negative thoughts. 

You’ve been through a traumatic experience and are left bruised and broken, unsure as to how you’re going to keep going. 

Whatever the reason, you’re on the treadmill of negative thinking and you can’t get off. Do you need to read more self-help books? Do you need to work harder to better yourself? How can you escape negative thought patterns and stop overthinking everything? 

Fear not, you can, and I’m going to give you one tip on how to clear your mind of negative thoughts. And it doesn’t even involve having to think or change or work hard. 

How to Use Energy Frequencies to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

What I appreciate most about working with energy, is that you can bring about change without the need to invest thought or analyse feelings. As an integrated energy therapist, I use energy frequencies to bring about gentle but powerful change. 

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and listen to the following clip, everyday if you can. 

And when you do, negative thoughts will evaporate, and your star will emerge. Try it for a few days and let me know how you got on in the comments below. 

This is one of the Solfeggio Frequencies and acts as a powerful healing and clearing force. If you take the time and listen to it daily for a couple of weeks, you’ll be surprised at the positive impact it has made. Don’t worry about your thoughts while listening. Just allow them to pass without making any judgement or trying to control them. 

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