How to Get Your Priorities Straight

Have you ever wonder how to get your priorities straight? Here are my thoughts, please share yours in the comment box below.

There’s no such thing as getting your priorities straight.

What often happens is that your main priorities fall

by the wayside.

You forget them, because you’ve got caught up in a web of trivialities.

So, your mind is preoccupied with non-priorities, busy worrying about

things that don’t really matter.


You live that way until one day, something snaps,

and you’re forced to re-access.

That’s when you start wondering

how to get your priorities straight.


In fact, when people are thrown off course

by a curve ball, it’s their priorities that kick in and set them straight,

not the other way round.

This means that the priorities you choose initially,

like perhaps love and happiness,

the people you love,

are, in fact, like scaffolding, holding everything in place.

That makes me think that

keeping your top priorities

at the forefront of everything you do,

is how to get your priorities straight.

You let them guide and hold you,

especially in tough times.

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