How to Stop Judging Yourself and Others

Have you ever wondered how to stop judging yourself and others? Whenever you meet someone, your mind quickly forms an impression, so fast, in fact, that whatever it concocts is probably wrong. Let’s put our hands up, we’re all quick to judge.

It’s not just other people who are on the receiving end of our brain’s instant judgement. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, it takes but a couple of seconds for me to decide that I look horrific. 

In most cases, our mind’s view is skewed and has little to do with the true reality, not when it comes to others or ourselves. The sad thing is that quick judgment gets in the way of maintaining healthy relationships, both with yourself and others. That’s why we need to stop judging. 

How to Stop Judging

A little mental discipline will go a long way. The case for giving up making constant judgements about yourself and others is compelling, though. Let’s face it, you just never know the full story. 

How to Stop Judging Others

To start with, you need to watch your thoughts and assess how mildly or harshly you judge others. Sometimes, we don’t even notice making up our mind about other people or their actions. 

This requires a little mental discipline, but all you need to do is take note of your reactions and thoughts when you meet someone. Soon, you’ll know how often and how softly or harshly you judge others. Once you know, stop the judging thought path. Why? Because you never know anyone’s real story, not even of those closest to you. That’s why you neither have the right to judge nor the ability to do so. 

It does take a decision and a concerted effort to stop judging others, but the process is well worth it. 

How to Stop Judging Yourself

Judging yourself can paralyse you completely. If you check yourself all the time, you’re bound to find fault. This sends you down a spiral of negative self-talk until you can hardly breathe. In this state of mind, you won’t ever reach your full potential. 

Being a little self-critical is not a bad idea but you need to curb your enthusiasm for judging yourself harshly. I suggest an occasional review of your “performance” in life with long periods of non-judgment dominating your mental landscape. 

Focus on your gifts instead and make gratitude a daily habit. 

Judging Is Always a Bad Idea

You’ll find yourself in situations, where you’ll have to make judgments for or against. But you can always just comment on an action or situation rather than utter a blanket statement about someone. No matter how well you think you know someone, you’ll never have all the facts, even about yourself. This means you’d be making ill-informed judgements, which is never a good idea. 

So, What Are Your “How to Stop Judging Yourself and Others” Tips? Leave a comment below.

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