I Can Poem – Autonomy

Autonomy is an I can poem, a reminder of all the things we can do because we often forget.

Autonomy – I Can Poem

I can
tie my shoelaces
cook spaghetti carbonara
drive and listen to our song
stitch up the holes in Larry's socks
buy Mindy ice cream this Tuesday
dance on the beach 'cause the sand's too hot
have tea with Granny and listen to her tales
tackle the weeds in the garden even when I don't want to
make up a murder mystery in a few minutes
work out an easy riddle within the hour
sleep all day
drink cheap wine and not wince
discuss world politics and sound smart
say a prayer and mean it
laugh at your jokes as long as they're funny
scrub the floor and make it a bit shiny
listen to you and the birds
pick up the phone
hold hands
stretch a little
pick a dress
and a rake of other stuff
Not bad, don't you think?!

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