I Didn’t Want to See You

In this poem about relationships, you’ll find that unwanted encounters can turn out to be much better than expected. Guilt, it turns out, is a foe of enduring relationships, while forgiveness and empathy are friends.

I Didn’t Want to See You

For weeks I had ducked and dived, feeling guilty about the way I had disappeared on you. In my mind, I had made excuses for leaving it so long without ever taking the time to pick up the phone.

I did try, once or twice, was delighted when you didn’t answer. After all, that shifted the burden away from me. But, I kid you not, I was hoping I wouldn’t see you, that’s for sure.

Weeks and months passed, the gnawing guilt waning a little, but only a tad. Still, after a while, I talked myself into feeling alright about it all.

And it worked.

That doesn’t mean those old tired waves of remorse didn’t come flooding right back, when I saw you approaching, one sunny day. I decided to face the music and apologize, expressing my guilt and explaining my disappearance.

You weren’t even annoyed and understood.

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