I Wish I Had a Broken Leg – Mental Health Poem

Mental health issues need highlighting so that people who struggle don’t feel so isolated. Sadly, many people still fear the stigma and don’t seek help as a consequence. This is a mental health poem.

Broken Leg 

A broken leg would be easy
best with heavy crutches
and steel cast
glistening in the sunlight
mirroring bruise and breakage
into drawn distances
stirring bodies
far and near

But a dented breath
doesn't show
apt at bluffing and
perking up the body
painting smiles
dragging on
for now
at least

darkness seeks to
quench the last puff
of breath
the same breath
lies to
you and me

A broken leg is plain
a crushed self, undivulged
no sirens nor flashing lights
nothing but abandon and
the far-flung fancy
of elegance and fire
and spent
It’s Difficult to Share Mental Health Problems

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