Inner Peace Poem – Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss is an inner peace poem, reflecting on our insatiable hunger for knowledge, control, and self-improvement.

Ignorance is Bliss – Inner Peace Poem

"I've learned that you don't need to know everything", the old 
man told me at the bus stop when I asked him for a nugget of
/ me shuffling from side to side, rummaging in my bag for
God knows what. "Floundered years trying to better myself, God
only knows why", he went on while stuffing moist tobacco into
his pipe. "It's no use", he put the tip of the pipe to his lips
and lit the weed, his back curved to shelter the flame on his
safety match.

My hands were clenching wallet and keys beneath my diary. For a
moment, I flew off to the apps on my cell / meditation, fitness,
productivity, beauty, finance, time tracker / the pillars of my
day-to-day. What an old clown.

"If I was your age, I'd chase down happiness like a dog, and
fuck everything else." Minutes later, I helped him onto his bus,
the lit pipe spitting smoke out of the pocket of his price suit.
"I guess there's no point telling you to put that out, Mr Smith",
the bus driver grinned. "One of these days, I'll have you
arrested." "You would if you did give a shit but you don't,
thank God."

As the bus pulled away I got a glimpse of black roots on my
hairline braided with the old man's ditch-deep wrinkles. He
waved and smiled, my hands relented.

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