Poem About Love – Closeness

This is Closeness a poem about love, you’ll find that some people turn up in your life, just when you need them.


Perhaps it’s in your gaze or in the way you move,

in your voice or your smell,

maybe our breaths met long before we did.

And when we did, a sweet sense of comfort set in,

expressed by both of us with a smile.

No fear, no hesitation,

just closeness of time and space.

A closeness that was to grow and expand

beyond the limits of our hearts,

gentle, yet ever so persuasive.

My feet beside your feet,

your words reaching out to my words.

And it was as if though you arrived just at the right time,

me, grateful that you’re going to stay.

And so am I.

You’re my friend, my neighbour, my colleague, my mother, my casual acquaintance, my guardian angel, my God, my frenemy, my father, and my annoying sibling.