Keep Calm Poems – Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned is my contribution to the world of keep calm poems. Sometimes, the best you can do is to just do something, anything, in fact.

Lesson Learned – Keep Calm Poems

Ten psychiatrists and respective drug prescriptions on, now 
clear on the usefulness or uselessness of talk and cocktails
and analysis and therapy, Pete, the builder with a wife and kids,
drew a line in the sand and began drawing a picture, pacing
up and down, cooking a stew for the family, phoning a friend,
painting his shed, finishing a crossword, lifting weights,
boiling an egg, smelling flowers, eating a burger, reading a
book, building a wall, mixing cement, and looking in the mirror
to find his arms, hands, legs, torso, feet, and face
whenever he heard the knock of the black dog.

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