Life Story Poem – The Curve

The Curve is a life story poem, a story about how we learn how to get along and the joy of a shared life.

The Curve – Life Story Poem

First, we learned how to tame the rats, then after that
You showed me how to grow daisies and I showed you that
Snails have their uses too even though you had them drown in beer
To save your lettuce but were glad to drink it yourself for a finish.
That’s not to say, I never dragged my feet and tried to
Get out of stuff, time and again. Nor did I ever volunteer
To muck out the stables. To be fair, I did polish the car once a week.
And, I cooked all the dinners and it wasn't just burgers and chips or
Sausage and mash every day. Sometimes, we had homemade
Cordon Bleu in lieu, breaded morsels of the pork you bought
With ham and cheese in between.

But it did take many sunrises to melt my manners and matters
And yours. First, there was my chess obsession not to mention
Your weekly round of golf with Rolf. We took turns sulking. Then,
There was work, the pets and only a couple of years in, the twins.
From one end of the day to the next, we’d hardly speak, it was like
Living at a train station and never bumping into each other. Except
At night or when someone had the flu or the car was off the road.

Now, we are like a tree and breathe the breeze and the grease
Of the sun and the rain and the soil. Now, we don't mind the odd
Woodworm or bird nesting in the top branches.

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