How to feel good about yourself

It’s not always easy to feel good about yourself. Most people struggle with self-worth issue at some point in their life. Much of this is due to the outlandish expectations we place on ourselves and others. Somehow, we seem to have forgotten that nobody is perfect. Instead, we’re caught up in a hamster wheel, trying to achieve a perfection that is simply unrealistic. Realizing that there is no need to be perfect, no need to be strong is one of the most liberating discoveries one can make. It represents the very first and most important step in our how to feel good about yourself quest. So, here are a few tips on how to feel good about yourself.

The psychologist’s point of view on how to feel good about yourself

Before I dish out my own advice on how to feel good about yourself, let’s look at what psychologists have to say about this important issue. According to Psychology Today, there are ten basic steps to follow:

  1. Keep Doing What You’re Doing, even when Things Get Tough
  2. Trust Yourself
  3. See Life as a Series of Opportunities
  4. Keep Negative Thoughts at Bay
  5. Use Your Strength and Intelligence, Confident that You Can Handle Whatever Life Throws at You
  6. Work on Loving Yourself
  7. Take Criticism on the Chin and Don’t Let It Discourage You
  8. Keep Your Desires Reasonable, as Wanting Too Much Can Get You Into All Sorts of Trouble
  9. Accept Disappointments
  10. Learn How to Use Your Fears Rather Than Letting Them Control You

All these tips go a long way toward showing you how to feel good about yourself. I’ve tried them all with considerable success. The only thing is, I realised that one simple step can lay the foundation for self-love and self-acceptance, thus making the above steps a whole lot easier.

How to Feel Good About Yourself the Wabi-sabi Way

You may not have heard of Wabi-sabi, a term commonly used in Japanese art. The idea is that every work of art should boast an imperfection. This is so that the art is a better reflection of nature and the cycle of birth, life, death, and decay. Because of Wabi-sabi, you’ll find cracked vases and asymmetrical sculptures in a Japanese museum. Some smart people have decided to apply Wabi-sabi to people. Here, one accepts that everyone has flaws, and everyone fails at times. Once I discovered this, I felt incredibly free. Suddenly, I didn’t have to be strong all the time anymore. In fact, I discovered that I was better off trying to integrate my struggles and faults. From then on, life got a lot easier. In addition, I realised that everyone’s life provides challenges and difficulties. They are an integral part of our existence. Armed with these two discoveries, I was instantly able to feel much better about myself. Try it and let me know how you got on in the comments below.

Wabi-sabi vase

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