The Secret of Love

Once again, it was a little angel who let me in on some secret. This time, the little angel, garnished with sparkling wings, told me about the secret of love.

The Secret of Love

“Love is everything, you know”, he started off. He was sitting right across from me, had turned up right in the middle of my lunch.

“You may think of love as the fluffy feeling you get when you fall in love. Or you might think of it as the dedication of a parent. Love is both and so much more. Love is the bravery of those who risk their lives to save others. Love is the conviction of those seeking justice. And still, love is so much more.

Love is the flower in the field and the sun in the sky. Love is the air you breathe and the ground you walk on. Love is a bar of chocolate, love is a smile from a stranger. Love has many disguises and shapes, tastes and touches. You know that. But today, I want to talk to you about the way God continuously pours love into the world.

I want to talk to you about the physics of love.” The little angel jumped to his fit, flicked his fingers. Colourful sparks emerged, more beautiful than you can imagine.

“This is what I’m talking about. Imagine love as something like an electrical current. This current flows through everything and everyone, holding everything and everyone in motion. Without this current, everything and everyone would die. So, it’s the essence of life. Love is life itself.”

“But what about those who suffer terrible injustices and deadly pain? Are they left outside the love you’re describing?” I wanted to know.

“No one is ever left out. People survive great tragedies because of the same love. Because love is so abundantly available, even the most broken people can survive. People often think it’s human resilience that’s keeping them going. But I know, it’s love.”

“But if love is this generic current, does it matter what I do? Can I not just sit back and do nothing?”

“You could and yes, the love would still flow through you all the time. The only thing is, if you grasp the value of love, you’ll probably want to contribute to it. Anyway, the love in your heart will want to give anyway.”

“I guess so.”

“And that’s where your heart and your intention come in. With them, you can both increase the love and lavish it on other people. All you need to do is to make love your top priority, for yourself and others. Straight off, you’ll think of ways to love. That can be anything from helping a little old lady across the road to fighting for peace in war zones. But there is something else you can do with your heart and your intention. You can tune both into the current that is love, and add to it.

Let’s take it that someone you know is sick. Look into your heart, find the love and send a big serving of your love current to your friend. Put your full attention and intention into doing it. Though you may not see immediate results, you’re after increasing the flow of love to the sick person who will benefit from it nonetheless.

You can do the same for people across the globe who you know are suffering. It doesn’t even matter whether you believe something is happening or not. The current will flow anyway and the amount of love in the world will grow. People are often helpless in the face of terrible suffering. But you can help ease the suffering by sending love from your heart to theirs.”

I sat there and began to look into my heart in search of love. Then, I thought of someone in need and imagined a strong current of love flowing from my heart to theirs.

“See, you’re already doing it. I knew you’d understand”, my little angel jumped for joy.

“Not sure will it do any good but at least I feel like I’m doing something”, came my reply.

“You just need a little practice. Watch out for results too. Lavish your love current on lots of people and see them flourish. This works, you know.”

“So, this is the secret of love. That love is like an electrical current you can send from your heart to whomever you wish?”

“Yes, precisely. What’s more, you can also ask for love if you feel lonely or are in pain. Because love is so abundantly available, you’ll always get some. All you need to is to prioritize love and tune into its current. After that, you give and you receive. This stuff works, you know.”

“I’ll try it, thank you.”

At this point, the little angel swooshed a serving of his love into my heart, smiled and vanished.

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