Mental Health Poetry – Girl Unhinged

Girl Unhinged is part of my mental health poetry collection, depicting the pain and difficulties facing people who are suffering from mental health issues and those around them.

Girl Unhinged – Mental Health Poetry

It's only 7.37 in the morning, and as of now, she's unhinged.
Funny that....737 engine malfunction. Taking to the skies with
her as hairy as strapping yourself into a Boeing 737 seat,
you're putting your life on the line. But there's no grounding
her, no politician or stakeholder will deaden her feet or stall
her jets.

I was but a fly to squat on her trail of rosary beads and silk

where she rides blind, hopping over dead bodies, skipping spent
guts, frolicking among fragments of the wingless, suckered
up-high, cascading through unhinged doors with no place to land,
which is fine for her 'cause she's good at gliding, sucks for
the rest of us dead ants grounded in her sticky web, dangling

like me making valerian tea at 7.37 in the morning, valium

The shrink's and police station phone number writ-down and
stuck on the fridge with a magnet, are fading in the sunlight of
smiles future and past. Her superpower? Melting prescriptions
and straight jackets with silk hands and ounces of spring water /
time and again,

turning us into firefighters on duty 24/7.

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