Nature Poem – The Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is a nature poem, a persistence poem and reflection on doing the impossible by sheer neck and determination.

The Woodpecker – Nature Poem

Facing off to 
a hoax-proof tree bark
wearing nothing
only feathers,
a pencil beak and
a hard neck,
the woodpecker
jumps his claim.

Dissing the
finch's chattering tweets
cackling nothing
only flies,
a chirp and
a chop,
the pecker
marks the first dent.

Neck muscles
flex rhythms,
drum solos,
warrior of old
braver than a grizzly
surer than Goliath
smarter than David,
the woodpecker knows

how to bore a hole,
1000 drills between
bite with
steel and
titanium precision,
as he must

to eat
to nest
to rally
to drill
to drum
to beat
to belt
to pelt
to snare
to bone
the trunk.

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