New Year Resolutions Poem

Why a new year resolutions poem? Well, two weeks into the new year, you may or may not be on track with your new year resolutions. My feelings on making resolutions are mixed because I see the value of making them as well as the need to strive for self-acceptance instead.

True, the dawn of a new year can represent a great motivator but for most people each day brings its own challenges and dealing with them is enough. In fact, sometimes, we can get so caught up in trying to better ourselves that we forget to JUST BE. This is what my new year resolutions poem is about.

New Year’s Resolution

what's new year's resolution / 
he asked sitting across the table drinking coffee / 
I'm gonna write myself into my story / I said

with green bones
baby-pink skin
and transparent breath

licking cream off my red lips /
left a little sweetness 
for the kiss

my bald skull
reflecting the sunlight 
no longer the main protagonist
Be the protagonist of your story!

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