Open Heart Living – Practical Tips

We spend much of our time in our head, perhaps afraid to just stop and smell the flowers. But when you do, open heart living becomes possible. All you need to do is take a few minutes here and there, throughout the day.

Open your heart, shift your focus to it and put yourself into the loving care of the universe or God, whichever you feel more comfortable doing.

Freely give and receive through your heart, appreciate the many connections you have with people you love and indulge in the strength these connections give you.

Don’t forget, your heart is smart and wise. Listen to it. That’s how open heart living starts. If you try it, you’ll grow calmer, stronger, and happier.


Tips on Open Heart Living

If you’re serious about open heart living, consider putting the following into practice:

  • Start Your Day With a MeditationIf you spend a little time in the morning focusing on your heart, you’ll tune in and set yourself up for open heart living success. 
  • Return to Your Heart if You Get Stressed: Watch out for triggers and reach for your heart instead. By shifting your focus back towards your heart, you have a better chance of avoiding stress and strife.
  • Remember, Everyone’s Got a Heart: Regardless of whether you’re talking to someone you love or hate, you can connect to their heart. If you do, your empathy is likely to grow and flourish. In the long run, this will help to build stronger relationships and overcome conflict.
  • Remember, Your Heart Is Smart and Stunning: Never underestimate the beauty and intelligence of your heart. Instead, explore and expand them. 

These are a few simple tips on open heart living, let me know if you’ve got your own in the comment box below. 

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