Overthinking – a Poem

Overthinking everything can be a major obstacle in your pursuit of happiness. Overthinking is a poem examining what overthinking does to you. 

Once again, paralysed by thoughts.

It always starts with either an issue or an idea.

If it’s an issue, regardless of its size, my thoughts capture it

and blow it up to an unmanagable size,

right until my body is ready to explode.


Funnily enough, if it starts with an idea,

my thoughts seem to do the opposite.

Instead of building and solidifying on the initial idea,

nitpicking sets in until the idea seems but a silly notion.

That’s overthinking for you.

So, what now? Perhaps, I swap thinking for doing again,

like I did on a couple of occasions. That time, the overthinking never got wings.

Instead, my feet remained firmly on the ground and my hands got to work.

Must remember that before embarking on the overthinking rollercoaster,

next time around.


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