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The Swell

Anita Alig

the Swell

go slow into the swell: these slipways of love are rolling in, whitecaps, and the ground swells; brick walls brickle, metal shields melt, and we hold firm until the stream is a bending, a ream bracing us whole. The jukebox in the corner of the inn outside town churns the blisters and webs melton robes… Read more »

Beach Poem – On the Seaweeds’ Scattering

‘On the Seaweed’s Scattering’ is a beach poem, a celebration of beauty and a reflection on everything and everyone having a time and a place. On the Seaweed’s Scattering – a Beach Poem You cast a warm body And hold me In the drizzly bright of your palm, A baby mule Half-blind and staggering  … Read more »

River Story Poem – This Book Is a River

This Book is a River is a river story poem, a reflection on nature and on how nothing and no one exists in isolation at any time.  This Book Is a River – a river story poem This book is a river that gently makes its way down to the sea, dives in and disappears. And… Read more »

Inclusion Poem – Within a Tuft of Grass

Within a Tuft of Grass is an inclusion poem, a reflection on how life is best lived in close proximity.  Within a Tuft of Grass – Inclusion Poem To exclude is to slice someone away from the loaf, children in the classroom scoffing when           Johnny can’t spell P E E… Read more »

Acceptance Poem – Silent Night

Silent Night is an acceptance poem, a celebration of and a reflection on being small and finding that together, everything is better. Silent Night – an Acceptance Poem Some days we are a silent night. Listen. This is when stars smell like morning dew glossing over the stones and the moss you lay aside when… Read more »

May Poem – Nudity

nudity is a May poem, a reflection on finding a way to be tiny and comfortable within this big, big world where everyone is alone, yet no one is.  nudity –  a May Poem skin is like the rippling shoal of a lake on the run from frost and the sun         … Read more »

Plant Poem – Gorse

Gorse is a plant poem, a celebration of the beauty and resilience and prickly nature of this gorgeous shrub with her bright yellow petals and thorns. Gorse – a Plant Poem Now, she’s a riot whipping the sky blue with thorny twigs and then she beds the clouds in a sea of yellow rugs robes… Read more »

Spring Poems – Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming

Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming is one of my spring poems. I love this time of year and watch the petals and leaves appear like a hawk. Apple blossoms are amazing!   Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming – Spring Poems Mid conversation, we melt into the blossoming, a million apple petals rising from a… Read more »

Spring Poem – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is a spring poem, a celebration of nature’s beauty and fine art. Cherry Blossoms – Spring Poem Every summer, the sun sends cherry blossoms falling. Every floating petal is a letter written but never sent to something that some time, bloomed, but time ran out. Every spring is another burst of baby pink… Read more »

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    The Inevitability of Growth

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    Life challenges with through the inevitability of growth, the power too great to resist.  Irresistible Forces   Such is the power deep within the earth, nature can’t but grow and decay,   only to burst into life again, inevitably passionately.

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    Just Be Yourself!

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    Don’t try an be like everyone else. Just be yourself instead because you’re here for a reason and you’re always good enough. Who You Are What You Are How You Are All Good Own It

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    Mental Health Awareness Facts

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    Though probably just as important if not even more important than physical health, mental health issues are only getting highlighted in more recent times. Stress, anxiety, and burnout are just some of the issues people struggle with and making mental health a priority has, therefore, become essential.  Here are some mental health awareness points to… Read more »

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    Light follows Darkness

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    If you’re in a dark place, remember, light follows darkness. The night covers the earth with inescapable darkness, Only to one side While the other, lit up by the sunlight of the day Rest bestowed upon by the night Labour by the day In interchanging synchronicity Just as it must Darkness and light, sleep and… Read more »

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    Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns

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    It’s easy to fall into negative thought patterns. Many people entertain negative internal dialogue, some without even realising it. Bottom line, if your thoughts are predominantly negative, you’re unlikely to have a happy disposition. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating permanent positivity because that is just as unreal as constant negativity. This article… Read more »

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    Healing With Sound – The Solfeggio Frequencies

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    If you haven’t heard of the Solfeggio Frequencies, it’s high time you did! Think about it, the human body is much more sensitive than one might imagine. Whereas everyone knows about the health impact of food, touch, exercise, relationships, and lifestyle, not everyone may realise that sound can have a profound effect on the human… Read more »

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    How Not to Care What Other People Think

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    Do you ever wish you wouldn’t care what other people think? Have you tried it but failed miserably? Invariably, we all do care what other people think, at least some of the time. The trouble is, in your heart of hearts you know that you shouldn’t care. So, to answer the question of how not… Read more »

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    Simple Ways to Improve Your Emotional Health – Practical Tips

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    More often than not, emotions can get the better of you to such an extent, that you feel you can no longer cope. To begin with, it’s important to realise that floods of emotion are part of the human condition. Regardless of whether you’ve suffered a major tragedy or feel overwhelmed by what appear to… Read more »