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The Swell

Anita Alig

the Swell

go slow into the swell: these slipways of love are rolling in, whitecaps, and the ground swells; brick walls brickle, metal shields melt, and we hold firm until the stream is a bending, a ream bracing us whole. The jukebox in the corner of the inn outside town churns the blisters and webs melton robes… Read more »

Beach Poem – On the Seaweeds’ Scattering

‘On the Seaweed’s Scattering’ is a beach poem, a celebration of beauty and a reflection on everything and everyone having a time and a place. On the Seaweed’s Scattering – a Beach Poem You cast a warm body And hold me In the drizzly bright of your palm, A baby mule Half-blind and staggering  … Read more »

River Story Poem – This Book Is a River

This Book is a River is a river story poem, a reflection on nature and on how nothing and no one exists in isolation at any time.  This Book Is a River – a river story poem This book is a river that gently makes its way down to the sea, dives in and disappears. And… Read more »

Inclusion Poem – Within a Tuft of Grass

Within a Tuft of Grass is an inclusion poem, a reflection on how life is best lived in close proximity.  Within a Tuft of Grass – Inclusion Poem To exclude is to slice someone away from the loaf, children in the classroom scoffing when           Johnny can’t spell P E E… Read more »

Acceptance Poem – Silent Night

Silent Night is an acceptance poem, a celebration of and a reflection on being small and finding that together, everything is better. Silent Night – an Acceptance Poem Some days we are a silent night. Listen. This is when stars smell like morning dew glossing over the stones and the moss you lay aside when… Read more »

May Poem – Nudity

nudity is a May poem, a reflection on finding a way to be tiny and comfortable within this big, big world where everyone is alone, yet no one is.  nudity –  a May Poem skin is like the rippling shoal of a lake on the run from frost and the sun         … Read more »

Plant Poem – Gorse

Gorse is a plant poem, a celebration of the beauty and resilience and prickly nature of this gorgeous shrub with her bright yellow petals and thorns. Gorse – a Plant Poem Now, she’s a riot whipping the sky blue with thorny twigs and then she beds the clouds in a sea of yellow rugs robes… Read more »

Spring Poems – Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming

Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming is one of my spring poems. I love this time of year and watch the petals and leaves appear like a hawk. Apple blossoms are amazing!   Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming – Spring Poems Mid conversation, we melt into the blossoming, a million apple petals rising from a… Read more »

Spring Poem – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is a spring poem, a celebration of nature’s beauty and fine art. Cherry Blossoms – Spring Poem Every summer, the sun sends cherry blossoms falling. Every floating petal is a letter written but never sent to something that some time, bloomed, but time ran out. Every spring is another burst of baby pink… Read more »

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    Landscape Poem – Boluisce

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    Boluisce is a landscape poem, a celebration of how some landscapes are so beautiful that they open and embrace all at once. And the soil, trees, and sky gather.   Boluisce – Landscape Poem   Here, the earth is wed to the sky, longer reeds run, and petals colour the wind. Circling a marriage of… Read more »

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    Morning Poetry – The Chopping Board

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    The Chopping Board is a slice of morning poetry and a reflection on and celebration of the inevitability of passing time and unfolding stories for and in between people, places, and planet earth.   The Chopping Board – Morning Poetry Every morning, I am the orange next in line for the juicer, dawn peels, and… Read more »

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    Care Poem – You’re Minding My Mice Again

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    You’re Minding My Mice Again is a care poem, a medley of words and images surrounding the care we receive from the people, places, and things that surround us, a celebration of co-dependence of everything and everybody.   You’re Minding My Mice Again – Care Poem While I’m away, you’re minding my mice again and… Read more »

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    Exile Poem – Reinvention

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    Reinvention is an exile poem, a thought on identity, home, and life choices.   Reinvention – Exile Poem My sister says, no one draws a self-portrait, my friend says, her ex re-invented himself after the affair and I see trees dressing up in spring as if they were never naked. And you, you speak blue… Read more »

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    Fall Poem – Overnight

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    Overnight is a fall poem, an autumn poem and a celebration of trees and their wonderful grace, beauty, and strength. Changing weather, wind, rain, and the onset of winter, falling leaves, fresh buds, and clear blue skies… Overnight – Fall Poem Overnight, the rain washed the leaves to the ground and in the morning, nothing but… Read more »

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    Bird Poem – Ebbing the Breadth

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    Ebbing the Breadth Between the Mud and the Moon is a bird poem, a celebration of the wonder of migrating birds and how in a life they travel the distance between the earth and the moon somewhere we cannot see them. Ebbing the Breadth – Bird Poem Months of flying gave way to claws thawing… Read more »

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    Power Conflict Poem – Vinaigrette

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    Vinaigrette is a power conflict poem, a reflection on the inevitability and potential of conflict and thoughts on how arguments can copperfasten a relationship or destroy it, depending on who’s fighting. Vinaigrette – Power Conflict Poem We’re crunching pages again, raising sulphur and still, a hint of rose sugar and fleeting velvet. The wind will… Read more »

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    Choice Poem – The Crossings

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    The Crossings is a choice poem, a reflection on making choices and thoughts on outcomes. The choice isn’t always ours, and outcomes are mostly a surprise.   The Crossings – Choice Poem   When thinking about crossing a stream, do you love the big rocks towering or does the rushing deduce your eyes and you’re drowning… Read more »

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    Fear Poem – When the Heart Is Without Fear

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    When the Heart is Without Fear is a fear poem, a reflection on how fear creates distance, suspicion, and judgement. A fearless heart is different. When the Heart Is Without Fear – Fear Poem When a heart is without fear, it draws near not what is dear but chases mere hints of a knotting, a… Read more »