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The Swell

Anita Alig

the Swell

go slow into the swell: these slipways of love are rolling in, whitecaps, and the ground swells; brick walls brickle, metal shields melt, and we hold firm until the stream is a bending, a ream bracing us whole. The jukebox in the corner of the inn outside town churns the blisters and webs melton robes… Read more »

Beach Poem – On the Seaweeds’ Scattering

‘On the Seaweed’s Scattering’ is a beach poem, a celebration of beauty and a reflection on everything and everyone having a time and a place. On the Seaweed’s Scattering – a Beach Poem You cast a warm body And hold me In the drizzly bright of your palm, A baby mule Half-blind and staggering  … Read more »

River Story Poem – This Book Is a River

This Book is a River is a river story poem, a reflection on nature and on how nothing and no one exists in isolation at any time.  This Book Is a River – a river story poem This book is a river that gently makes its way down to the sea, dives in and disappears. And… Read more »

Inclusion Poem – Within a Tuft of Grass

Within a Tuft of Grass is an inclusion poem, a reflection on how life is best lived in close proximity.  Within a Tuft of Grass – Inclusion Poem To exclude is to slice someone away from the loaf, children in the classroom scoffing when           Johnny can’t spell P E E… Read more »

Acceptance Poem – Silent Night

Silent Night is an acceptance poem, a celebration of and a reflection on being small and finding that together, everything is better. Silent Night – an Acceptance Poem Some days we are a silent night. Listen. This is when stars smell like morning dew glossing over the stones and the moss you lay aside when… Read more »

May Poem – Nudity

nudity is a May poem, a reflection on finding a way to be tiny and comfortable within this big, big world where everyone is alone, yet no one is.  nudity –  a May Poem skin is like the rippling shoal of a lake on the run from frost and the sun         … Read more »

Plant Poem – Gorse

Gorse is a plant poem, a celebration of the beauty and resilience and prickly nature of this gorgeous shrub with her bright yellow petals and thorns. Gorse – a Plant Poem Now, she’s a riot whipping the sky blue with thorny twigs and then she beds the clouds in a sea of yellow rugs robes… Read more »

Spring Poems – Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming

Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming is one of my spring poems. I love this time of year and watch the petals and leaves appear like a hawk. Apple blossoms are amazing!   Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming – Spring Poems Mid conversation, we melt into the blossoming, a million apple petals rising from a… Read more »

Spring Poem – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is a spring poem, a celebration of nature’s beauty and fine art. Cherry Blossoms – Spring Poem Every summer, the sun sends cherry blossoms falling. Every floating petal is a letter written but never sent to something that some time, bloomed, but time ran out. Every spring is another burst of baby pink… Read more »

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    Sun Poem – At Midday

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    At Midday is a sun poem, a reflection on the light, shadow, and darkness we find every day. At Midday – Sun Poem At midday, the sun rules out shadows and shines and shines and shines and warms your skin and strokes your bones. Now, we can go breath sweet meadows and laugh and cry… Read more »

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    Dawn Chorus

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    Dawn Chorus is a mom poem, a celebration of sounds and noise as well as a reflection on what it means to be a mom and a woman. Dawn Chorus – Mom Poem 5 am on Main Street, she couldn’t hear the clank of her limp stiletto footsteps, drowning in the bleating of the winos,… Read more »

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    Experience Poem – Tea Leaves

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    Tea Leaves is an experience poem, a reflection on how some things will change you forever. Tea Leaves – Experience Poem The kettle’s whistle signals the water’s draw to gush and settle in the pot, swerve the dry leaves and extract the passing of water and herbs way over to the far side where nothing… Read more »

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    Survival Poem – I’m an Egg

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    I’m an Egg is a survival poem, a reflection on how we can forget about our fragility and progress through life as if we were machines. I’m an Egg – Survival Poem Yesterday I felt like a scrambled egg. The day before, I was fried. The day before that, I was the golden egg the… Read more »

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    Summer Poem – Song Adrift

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    Song Adrift is a summer poem, a celebration of warm nights, balmy winds, music, and togetherness. Song Adrift – Summer Poem Beneath the sky and above the water songs fly and drift over meadows and highways with the wings of a pigeon who’s after devouring hamburger leftovers dunked into the cold water of the fountain… Read more »

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    Poems of Disappointment – Nays and Naughts

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    Nays and Naughts belongs to the group of poems of disappointment, a reflection on overcoming setbacks and finding resilience as well as support. Nays and Naughts – Poems of Disappointment All the no’s and zeros fell And all the trees and people barely cling on; some by their roots, some by their teeth. And one… Read more »

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    People Poem – Domino

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    Domino is a people poem, a reflection on the chain reactions we initiate and are part of every day. No one and nothing exists in isolation. Domino – People Poem I the sun illuminates the moon pulling oceans flooding beach promenades drowning tourists who cast a heavy footprint in the sky boring a hole in… Read more »

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    Mental Health Poetry – Girl Unhinged

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    Girl Unhinged is part of my mental health poetry collection, depicting the pain and difficulties facing people who are suffering from mental health issues and those around them. Girl Unhinged – Mental Health Poetry It’s only 7.37 in the morning, and as of now, she’s unhinged. Funny that….737 engine malfunction. Taking to the skies with… Read more »

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    Inner Peace Poem – Ignorance is Bliss

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    Ignorance is Bliss is an inner peace poem, reflecting on our insatiable hunger for knowledge, control, and self-improvement. Ignorance is Bliss – Inner Peace Poem “I’ve learned that you don’t need to know everything”, the old man told me at the bus stop when I asked him for a nugget of gold / me shuffling… Read more »