People Poem – Domino

Domino is a people poem, a reflection on the chain reactions we initiate and are part of every day. No one and nothing exists in isolation.

Domino – People Poem


the sun illuminates
the moon pulling oceans
flooding beach promenades
drowning tourists
who cast a heavy footprint
in the sky
boring a hole in the ozone
making the sun
illuminate the
moon sucking oceans even more
drowning shoreline towns
flushing out tourists
searching for sunshine
covered in sunblock


her words lance
his side clothing children
in want of shelter
soon misbehaving
driving her to
cut off his hands and
her nose despite /
her pinching for his side
to raise the children
into men and women
who cradle
not slash
like her words
risen out of
shakey ground


his hands scaffold
their bodies
now fit to
lend a shoulder
to the crying
who conquer and
go on to
love and
the troubled

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