Plant Poem – Gorse

Gorse is a plant poem, a celebration of the beauty and resilience and prickly nature of this gorgeous shrub with her bright yellow petals and thorns.

Gorse – a Plant Poem

Now, she's a riot whipping the sky blue with thorny twigs and then she beds the clouds in a sea of yellow rugs robes woven in the black of winter when the shabby soil was frozen over her spine cramping her arms quailing in the blizzard and still not a whisp of a wailing. She has learned that clawing for a thawing is like gripping the dripping. Stop. Spring will spring anyhow out of the lap of the swirling earth, willing on your branches and buds and the tiny birds nesting in your arms, graffiti in the sky by gorse. And if you look closely, you'll find her spines shelter troops of weevils, moths, mites, and spiders.

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