Poem About a Girl – A Mad Ocean

A Mad Ocean is a poem about a girl, a play on William Butler Yeats’ A Crazed Girl and a reflection on the ebb and flow of life and love.

A Mad Ocean – Poem About a Girl

THAT mad ocean dancing the Charleston
Her waves, waltzing upon the disco floor,

Her reel in twirls and swirls with itself
Bopping, swooning She is sure in her ways,
fox-trotting along horizons,
Her legs assiduous, that ocean I declare
A tender cruel woman, or a woman
Plainly everywhere, plainly nowhere

No matter what song they played
She swung and swayed in each tune's bosom,
Bosom, blossom and she swaggered across
Where the sands lay shells to rest
No chart hit or smash
But whispered sweet nothings, sweet everythings.

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