Poem About Life – Self Sabotage

This is a poem about life. Read it and start being kinder to yourself.

I see you taking out the drill and boring holes in your head. Then, you go onto cutting off your feet and strangling your spirit. To do this, you use nasty thoughts against yourself.

Meanwhile, you cannot see the sparkle in your eyes and the brightness of your smile. You ignore your wealth of assets while trying to hide your light.

A simple spot on your chin released a flood of nasty thoughts that went on to rush you down a raging river. The other day, a simple error brought on a downpour of self-sabotage.

I see you suffer like that and I don’t like it, seeing as I can clearly behold your brilliance. “Stop!” I say. “Stop drilling holes in your head. Stop chopping down your body and suffocating your spirit.”

“Rise up and smell the roses growing in the garden of your soul. Let me see you shine your light and make the world a little brighter.”

Like only you can.

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