Poem About Love

This is a poem about love and how, true to the clichee, love is everywhere. It’s what drives and maintains us. 


Much like oxygen runs through your body and mine,
across meadows and deserts and into the deepest ocean,
so does love.

Much like oxygen empowers your heart to beat,
gently maintaining the work of your body and mind,
so does love.

Much like oxygen is the salt of the wind and your breath,
so is love to your existence.

Much like oxygen carries your words and mine,
invariably bringing us together,
so does love.

Blows and hearts of stone

Sometimes, bodies turn to stone and hearts harden,
ebbing the flow of oxygen
and love.

Sometimes, blows turn hearts to stone,
choking out oxygen
and love.

A brave, soft heart brings back oxygen
and love.




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