Poem about Pain – One of Us Needs to Go

This is a poem about pain and how it can seem impossible to get through. 

The Pain

You snook up on me like a thief in the middle of the night,

broke in, robbed my belongings and left me defenceless.

Now, I can hardly move.


One of us needs to go.

Either you stop plundering my senses or

I sink into the deep unconscious.


If only you’d stop ravaging through my treasures,

mercilessly stripping me of all my possessions.


One of us needs to go.

But no, you won’t relent,

seizing all my attention.

One of us needs to go.

If you won’t,

I’ll get my guns out to kill you.


“Ha, ha”, you say, “no gun will kill me,

I’m invincible.”


I relent and surrender to your pillaging ways, though I know

one of us needs to go.


Instead, I face you like a man, stare you down,

hoping that soon, you’ll grow weary of my resistance.


As I stand and face you, I see the silhouette of a beast,

hiding behind you, fearsome and ugly.

One of us needs to go.


The Beast Behind the Pain

Defenceless I stand as the beast behind the pain approaches,

spewing fire like a dragon, pushing you away.

So, this is my true opponent.


Neither of us can go,

it’s too late.


Weary and reckless, I approach the almighty beast,

“go on so, kill me”, I say.


But body and mind conspire to object,

“tackle the beast”, they say,

“it needs to go.”


Gathering my last drop of courage,

I stare the beast down.


In his eyes, I see your roots and reasons and

resolve to use my sword and slash the beast’s head right off.

One of us has gone now.


So, this is why you came plundering my house in the middle of the night.


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