Poems About Life – Solid

Solid is one of my poems about life, a reflection on the importance of all things physical and a celebration of body and object.

Solid – Poems About Life

 I like the substance of stones and
the weight of a heavy suitcase
all but pulling
my arm out of its socket.

I like remembering the Chinese burns
my brother gave me
in the middle of a brawl over
rusty toy cars.

I like the texture of green apples,
ploughed by my front teeth
and how they paint a trail of
juice and flesh on my tongue.

I like hard chairs and the dents they
print on my skin and muscles
whipping me onto
the coffee-stained shopping list and
the grassy wellies I need to hose down with
the callous power hose.

My friend the dog trainer told me that
dogs like confined spaces.
They make them feel secure,
she told me.

I like holding hands.

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