Power Conflict Poem – Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is a power conflict poem, a reflection on the inevitability and potential of conflict and thoughts on how arguments can copperfasten a relationship or destroy it, depending on who’s fighting.

Vinaigrette – Power Conflict Poem

We’re crunching pages again,
raising sulphur
and still,
a hint of rose sugar and fleeting velvet.

The wind will have us adrift,
grow limp on the compost
and some time,
bunch us with potato peel and chicken bones.

A crinkled paper trail, because
an oil and vinegar-emulsion is flitting
yet the vinaigrette on last night’s lettuce,
folded your hand into mine.

Your fist did not come down
hard on the table,
my tongue caught the taste
of olive oil soap,

I spat my fingernails
across the room and they
hit the paper scraps
in the far corner.

Still, we sat,
a litter of puppies.


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