Relationship Poem – The Woods

The Woods is a relationship poem, a reflection on handling difficulties and choosing to do so together or not.

The Woods

“Do you remember the time we walked through the woods during the thunderstorm, winds howling, darkness closing in?”
“Yeah, I remember your twisted ankle and my cold hands dragging you through the forest.”
“We couldn’t see where we were heading, I remember being scared.”
“And I was pretending everything was ok.”
“That’s right, I remember your stern look and tight grip, remember thinking he’s scared too but doesn’t want to admit it.”
“I thought you might know but chose not to let on.”
“Thank God we found that clearing to wait out the storm. I liked the way you wrapped yourself around me in the rain, drops dripping from your nose onto my cheeks.”
“Yeah, that was nice.”

Relationship Poem – The Woods

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