Relaxation Poems – Out of a Spin

Out of a Spin is one of my relaxation poems, a reflection on how mental turmoil passes and can be overcome with the kindness and support of others.

Out of a Spin – Relaxation Poems

Spinning and spinning in the turbulent pool
my bones fail to grip the granules
of salt, locked up gasping for air.
My spent heart clambers for things beyond
the high tide loming east, west, north, south.
The kindest hand extends and grabs my head
to steer it away and out of the
eye of the twirling tempest.
The sweet softness of seaweed and sand,
the salty solidity of hand and skin
marry to draw up a silk horizon,
spanning way beyond the whirling of the
turbulent pool to somewhere my feet can touch
the solid ground, skin kissed by fish and hands.
Gentle fingers unhinge batten down hatches
untie straight and life jackets to lure
rays and love into here and there dim nooks
and crannies, strumming guitar strings and
beating bongo drums in sync with my heart
now pumping and pushing me out of the
twirling, twisting pool, up, up and away
and back to the bedsheet of my bones.

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