Seashells – A Short Love Poem

If you’re lucky enough to be in love, you’ll know how precious your togetherness, especially when it comes to facing harsh realities. This is a short love poem.

To dwell in a Seashell…


To dwell in a seashell
I balance - the rigid walls and door agape,
drawing in. Solidly, in the clear absence of a gate.

We bind salt and weeds for supper
in the glistening might of the ocean, 
the seashell sheltering.

We dwell to the air of the ocean,
swapping night and day, as
fowl and fish float by. 

We ache and heal to the clattering of 
wavering and sweeping waves,
The seashell nurses,

pace and matter in the palm
of the ocean and salty grains.

We dissolve in the seashell,
without loss, only find.

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