Self Acceptance Poems – Barbie Doll Looks

Barbie Doll Looks is one of my self acceptance poems, a reflection on unconditional love, the pressure to measure up to beauty stereotypes.

Barbie Doll Looks

My Barbie doll looks fixation finally got the better of me, so I’m sitting facing a tanned, scrumptious plastic surgeon in sumptuous surroundings flavoured with elevator music. Drawing rainbows on life-size photos of the gorgeous, his Rolex a fitting tribute to craftsmanship.

You’ve got faultless cheekbones, only waiting to triumph, and your nose will need only one or two minor adjustments.

His expert-eyes wander along my silhouette, his fingers pinching and retracting ugly bulges surrounding my eyes and waistline. My palms get sweaty as he circles me eagle-eyed / the sound of his footsteps drowning in posh velvet carpet fibres.

I would aim for a 38 E cup and perfect your curves with a pear-shaped bottom.

At least this is a judge who can fix me, I think, retrieving into the chair across from his mahogany desk. Reaching into my handbag to clutch my chequebook I agree, sending my rarely-used expensive fountain pen across the top line.

You can settle the downpayment with my assistant, thank you. I’ll be delighted to iron out your flaws and accentuate your attributes.

At the reception, a blubbering Cinderella signs the dotted line for the complete package. Botox, lipo, nip, tuck, nose job, boob and bum enhancement / the Barbie Doll / they call it here at the clinic. I’m thrilled. Bridget Jones was wrong, no one will ever love me just the way I am.

Self Acceptance Poems – Barbie Doll Looks

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