Serendipity Poem – The Cape Gannet

The Cape Gannet is a serendipity poem, a celebration of the wonders of nature and an expression of admiration and gratitude for the instinctual genius of animals and how they know the time and place and method.

The Cape Gannet – Serendipity Poem

Like a swarm of bees, a school of fish is spiralling below the skin. 
This fleeting flock is the cape gannet's feast, swirling toward the sky. 
And in between / heaving waves and lost salt. How she pins 
the point of entry, how the sun and wind reveal the time to steal one fish away 
though, in a school of fish, not even one is ever cast astray. Like a missile, 
the folded cape cuts the arc, her beak now a dart, the gannet's a vulture now. 
If hunger didn't blind her, he might fetch that he's now diving 
but once clasping a fish in his beak, her body's a rocket 
and the school twirls a weedy broth. As the ocean is churning, still, 
she's surfing the sunbeams. In my cape, I cruise and I dive. The in between / 
heaving waves and lost salt, the sun and wind and mud 
spinning tales below the skin.

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